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MacBook Air M2 Review: the 4 most important questions and answers!

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In this MacBook Air M2 review, you’ll discover if this MacBook Air is the right laptop for you. Before buying this beautiful new laptop, I watched several YouTube videos reviewing this device.


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Table of Contents

Let me summarize the two essential points from those MacBook Air m2 reviews:

First, if you want this laptop, don’t buy the basic configuration. Instead, go for at least 512GB of memory and 8GB of Ram. That’s because there is a substantial performance increase if you do it like that.

MacBook Air M2 review
In this MacBook Air M2 review, I’ll answer the 4 most important questions about this laptop. Enjoy!

Second, if “value for money” is an essential consideration, you should go for an older version of the MacBook Air. Those will probably give you more bang for the buck.

Who is the new MacBook Air M2 for?

If you like the lightweight design and incredible performance of the Apple M2 chip and can afford to spend a premium for a new laptop, then you should go for it!

Before buying the Macbook Air M2, I compared it to the 14-inch M1 Macbook Pro. I do use my laptop to edit videos like this one. The MacBook Air M2 can handle this beautifully. There is no need to buy a MacBook Pro for that.

Who is the new MacBook Air M2 not for?

The new MacBook Air is not for you if you do complex and lengthy video edits in 8K for 8 hours daily. However, most people don’t do that.

Before owning this laptop, I used an 18″ iPad Pro with a keyboard. When I compared the weight of that with that of the MacBook Air, then the iPad Pro weighed only 100gr. (3.5 ounces) less than the MacBook Air.

I realized I’d no longer use my iPad Pro with a keyboard. It doesn’t make much sense anymore because the iPad Air weighs about the same and has a much bigger screen.

So what I do these days is use this beautiful and lightweight Apple cover for my iPad Pro. Then I put that right next to my naked MacBook Air and carry both in a slim laptop bag.

What about the many practical ports of the MacBook Pro?

While more ports are nice, I don’t need them. If you are a minimalist like me, then less is more.

Also, it’s essential to know that more ports come at a price. In this case, it’s added weight. Also, I wouldn’t say I like the design of the M1 MacBook Pro. Just look at the difference when looking at the keyboard.

In another MacBook Air M2 review, I learned that the person had bought the MacBook Air and the MacBook Pro.

Most of the time, he’d use the MacBook Air instead of the Pro because he said it was much more enjoyable to put on his lap. I noticed the same when I compared the MacBook Air M2 with my older MacBook Pro M1. Sitting on a couch with the new MacBook Air is much more fun.

I never considered watching a Masterclass or the latest Apple keynote on my MacBook Pro. With the Air, that has changed. I enjoy doing that now.

To me, it doesn’t make much sense to look at lengthy specs comparisons if, in the end, we prefer using the more beautiful and lightweight machine.

What about the screen refresh rate and sound?

While the MacBook Pro comes with a dynamic 120herz refresh rate, the MacBook Air M2 only has a 60herz refresh rate. I have looked at screens with both rates and have noticed no difference. Please let me know if YOU can see the difference in the comments below.

When it comes to the sound, I’ve noticed a clear difference, though. The sound of the MacBook Air M2 seems far inferior to the MacBook Pro. I don’t care a lot about that because most of the time, I use my AirPods Pro anyway. So it’s rare I use those speakers at all.


My conclusion for this MacBook Air M2 review is that this laptop is perfect for most people. We should be brutally honest about what we use our laptops for most of the time.

Yes, you get fewer features on this MacBook Air M2 than a MacBook Pro. At the same time, you need to pay about the same for a MacBook Air M2 if you want the best possible performance. So what it comes down to is what you use your laptop for and what you value most in a computer.

If you don’t use it to cut videos in 8K for an entire work day, you don’t need a MacBook Pro. If all you ever do is do some 4K video editing, then the MacBook Air will be perfect for that.

If you like to use your laptop for what it is meant for, to take it with you, then I believe no computer can beat the new MacBook Air M2. Also, if you are a minimalist and like to surround yourself with beautiful objects that are fun to use, then you’ll LOVE the new MacBook Air M2.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this short MacBook Air M2 review. If you liked this review, please do subscribe to my YouTube channel or sign-up for my newsletter if you are interested in watching or reading more Apple reviews from me in the future.

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Thanks again for reading or watching this MacBook Air M2 review, and until next time!

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