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Review Of Masterclass: 7 questions and answers

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If you’ve come across this website, you were probably looking for a review of Masterclass.

If you google review of masterclass, you’ll find several hundred reviews on Trustpilot with an average score of 3.1 out of 5.

I am happy I didn’t read those reviews before investing in Masterclass because I definitely can’t agree with the bad ones.


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Hy, my name is Julian. I‘m a husband, dad and business owner from Berlin, Germany. On this website and corresponding YouTube channel, I‘ll share with you some proven strategies on how to live a rich and meaningful life. 

Table of Contents

After reading or watching this review of Masterclass, you’ll have a better idea if Masterclass is worth it for you.

I noticed that a recurring theme of the bad reviews of Masterclass is that people forget to cancel their membership before it gets renewed automatically.

Review Of Masterclass

Canceling is, in fact, super easy and takes one click. You could cancel after your initial purchase and still view all content for the remaining year.

Another problem is that many people don’t seem to find time to watch those classes. So, before you buy, you should be honest about whether you’ll take the time to do what Masterclass is for, learning!

Before we begin, let’s remember what Jim Rohn says about self-education: “Formal education will make you a living, self-education will make you a fortune!”

How much does Masterclass cost?

The investment ranges from 192 USD to 288 USD per year, depending on the number of devices you want to watch Masterclass simultaneously. It’s important to know that there is no monthly option, so you’ll pay one year in advance. The subscription comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee, so you can get your money back if you think you made a mistake. 

I started by watching Richard Branson’s masterclass ‘Disruptive Entrepreneurship’ and another about Leading Winning teams. I thought those two Masterclasses alone were worth the total yearly price to me. 

How is Masterclass structured?

You can access a catalog of more than 150 instructors and thousands of lessons by browsing through different categories.

Those categories include Arts & Entertainment, Music, Writing, Food, Business, Design & Style, Sports & Gaming, Science & Tech, Home & Lifestyle, Community & Government, and Wellness.

My favorite category is business, so in this review of Masterclass, I’ll focus on that section. Just look at what type of subjects and instructors you can find here.

You’ll find many subjects, from Leading Winning teams, Buying and Selling Real Estate, Sales and Persuasion, Effective Communication, Advertising, the Art of Negotiation, and Business Leadership. 

How is Masterclass different from Udemy or Skillshare?

The two significant differences between Masterclass and Udemy or Skillshare are 1. Course quality is much higher at Masterclass. That concerns the production value and the actual content. 2. You’ll find top-notch instructors on Masterclass that you wouldn’t find on those other two learning platforms.

I’ve never seen a Udemy or Skillshare course featuring a famous basketball coach teaching us about building a winning team. You also wouldn’t find a Udemy course with Howard Schultz, the former Starbucks CEO, teaching you about business leadership.

What type of content is available in Masterclass?

All Masterclasses are video classes. Along with those videos comes a class guide and the possibility to write notes directly within the Masterclass. You can see this here on the right-hand side. It’s important to know that those notes won’t be shared and are only accessible to you.

What I find noteworthy is that the quality of those class guides is incredible. Just have a look at this class guide of Geno Auriemma’s Masterclass. If you are a visual person, then you’ll love this. 

How actionable are those Masterclasses?

Depending on the instructor and the subject, some classes are more actionable than others. For example, the famous film music composer Hans Zimmer has a masterclass teaching film scoring. 

I’d argue that most people will probably not be able to write a film score after watching that Masterclass. However, watching a masterclass like that might still be enjoyable for a music lover. 

In contrast, Marques Brownlee’s Masterclass “Make Compelling Videos that go viral” is much more actionable. In part, that’s because the tools needed to do that are much more accessible to most people. Also, the explicit goal of that Masterclass is to create a video you love to share with the world.

Who is Masterclass for, and who is Masterclass not for?

Masterclass might not be for you if you are a total beginner. My first impression was that most classes require at least some experience or knowledge. However, if you are interested in getting to know a specific line of work before you begin working in that field, then Masterclass is perfect for that. Also, you won’t find technical classes that teach you how to set up a Google or Facebook ads account. Instead, you’ll find more general courses, teaching you sales and persuasion, for example.

What do I like the most about Masterclass?

I made it a habit to read, learn, or produce something that inspires me daily. For example, I do that each morning before starting my work. I reserve at least one hour for this activity in the morning.

If you want to know why I do that, I recommend you watch or read my book review of The Big Leap.

I recently watched Geno Auriemma’s excellent Masterclass Strategies for Effective Leadership.

I didn’t expect it but watching this charismatic basketball coach inspired me to apply some changes to my team. After watching this Masterclass and the one from Richard Branson, I realized that people and communication skills are the skills that will probably help me reach my goals the fastest.


To conclude this review of Masterclass, I can highly recommend you invest in this program. If you do, I recommend you commit to taking the time to go through the Masterclasses that interest you most.

If you have a busy life and do not have much time, I recommend you replace some Netflix time with spending time with this. By the way, just like Netflix, those Masterclasses are pretty entertaining and enjoyable.

For example, we don’t just see a blank screen behind the instructors. Instead, it’s a pleasure taking in those surroundings. For instance, in the case of Richard Branson’s Masterclass, we are on his island. We can see most instructors recorded in their beautiful homes. That makes it intimate like we were sitting right next to them.

If you watched or read this review of Masterclass until here, will you give it a try, or can you recommend other great sources to learn online? If yes, please let me know in the comments below.

Also, if you liked this article, please do subscribe to my YouTube channel or sign-up for my newsletter if you are interested in watching or reading more book reviews from me in the future.

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